Penny & Tristan – Brighton Savoy (Photo + Photo Booth)

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The ceremony of Penny & Tristan was at one of the oldest and beautiful church St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church in Melbourne West. Ceremony was in the morning and we had the perfect weather in the morning. We were able to capture some good moments in the church while the beautiful church interior making some great backdrops. After the ceremony, Penny wanted to have some family photos outside the church.

The reception was at the amazing venue Brighton Savoy and our crew made sure our Photo Booth was ready to entertain the guest when the reception started. Penny has given one of the most emotional speech I have encountered and we have taken really good photos in the function hole.  We did a photo shoot at the Brighton Beach and of course we all love Brighton Bath Boxes. We managed to decent number of photos just before the storm joined the party.